Ashberon Engineering & Construction


Steel Framed Buildings

We have an experienced team of engineers who have constructed a number of steel framed buildings.

We can take your requirements and design a building that fits your business needs.

We have formed strong alliances with the local authorities to help you obtain all of the required state approvals so that we can deliver a high quality building in record time. In conjunction with our other range of services, we can offer you a complete turnkey project, right down to pens and paper on desks, work benches with tools, so that the project is immediately ready for your team to start work.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are suitable for many applications in all business sectors.

One of the many benfits of modular construction is the ability to add or remove modules with relative ease compared to conventional buildings.

Typical applications for modular industrial buildings include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Relocatable Training Facilities Portable Classrooms
  • Mobile Weigh Stations Remote Camps
  • Lunchroom Facilities
  • Toilet Blocks

We have successfully designed, supplied and delivered a number of these buildings, with the advantage that we can build these units ourselves from materials sourced locally rather than having to ship in component parts, thus reducing costs and delivery times.

We can quickly fabricate units out of shipping containers or build larger units with steel frames to allow for lifting, right through to man camps, with all the required facilities for several thousand personnel.

Drainage Systems

An important part of any project is the drainage as if this is not carefully designed and installed, the problems this can cause can be catastrophic.

We can design, supply and install complete drainage solutions, from the roof guttering systems on your buildings, through to grey and sewage waste and combine these with water treatment units.

Concrete Works

We can provide concrete works for industrial and commercial projects that range in size as well as complexity.

  • From simple footings and ramps to containment pits.
  • Industrial Concrete
  • Concrete Vaults
  • Pour-In-Place Walls
  • Machine Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Structural Footings
  • U-Drain Systems
  • Tank Pads
  • Concrete Sumps
  • Equipment & Containment Pits

Our engineers will carry out the correct design by calculating the stress loads expected and carrying out Geotechnical Surveys before the concrete is laid to ensure that the concrete does not crack or subside when in use.

Insulation & Sealant Works

In association with our alliance partner, Belzona, we can provide a large range of products to provide insulation and sealing.

From a leaky roof to a damp basement we will assess the problem and implement the correct solution to ensure the problem is solved.

In the case of new projects, this ensures these problems do not occur in the first instance.

Partition Walls

Clients frequently need to add or alter their office space to meet the needs of their changing and expanding business.

As part of our overall package of works, we can design and install partition walls to create additional office space.

External Cladding

We can provide external cladding for your building to provide insulation and to give the building a more modern look.

This can be achieved in a number of ways from providing a specialist coating to installing PVC Panels or stone cladding.


From a complete new roof to a repair, we can provide services to meet our client's needs. This can be for a variety of types of roof, as follows:

Constructed with a single slope on each side of the ridge, creating a triangle portion on the side of front facade.

Non-gabled side faces the front and contains the front doorway.

Gabled side faces the front and contains the front doorway.

Perpendicular wings are added to the main section forming two individual sections with their own gabled fac¸ade.

We can construct from tiles, roo ng panels or metal sheet.

Dry Lining

As part of the overall package, we can provide dry lining plasterboard services

Steel Support Structures

We have been asked on several occasions by our clients to design and fabricate steel support structures.

This has been for anything from a bridge to support pipe work and cables to a structure to support a 5 storey water feature.

This has also included the installation of support structures for overhead cranes.

Overhead Cranes

When supplying steel framed buildings we have often been asked by our clients to supply and install Over Head Crane units.

We can design and install the support structure right through the power connection.

Painting & Decorating

We have a team of painters and decorators who are experienced in projects from painting a door in your apartment right through to the outside of a tower block.

Our team knows the importance of preparation work and selects the correct paints and materials to ensure that the work stays looking fresh.

Interior Fit Out Works

Our team has a wealth of experience in a variety of internal fit outs. Each project is different and tailored to meet the client's needs.

By bringing together all of the different services within our capability, we can o er a complete turnkey package, from the electrical and mechanical services and HVAC Systems, right through to the desks and chairs and even the pens and paper.

We have carried out projects on anything from warehouses, to offce blocks to hotels and even oil platforms and ships.

In most cases, the client provides the design and layout he wants, but we can offer design services if this is required.