Ashberon Engineering & Construction

Electrical Systems


For larger sites, we can supply and install main site transformers to step down and provide the range of voltages that may be required.

We can provide both oil filled and dry type units depending on your specifications and can incorporate devices for easy isolation and control.

We can also build in safety systems such as specialist Transformer Fire Suppression Systems and have completed a number of these projects.

Power Generation

For remote sites or for standby use, we can calculate the size, supply and install generators to meet your needs.

For remote sites where no municipality power is available, we can design, supply and install generators to provide primary power.

In most of these cases we recommend that a number of generators are used to spread the load and ensure that you are not reliant on a single unit to provide all of your power.

In this case, we would provide a Synchronization Panel to connect all the generator units together and to control and spread the load.

In cases where municipality power is available but where it is critical that the power supply is maintained, we can design, supply and install Back Up or Standby Generators.

These can be configured with auto start control panels so that in the case of a main power failure, the unit will start automatically and will stop when primary power is re-instated.

Distribution Boards & Power Control Centres

We can design and build complete Power Control Centre's from Sub Stations down to a Domestic Fuse Panel in your apartment.

We offer a wide range of panels including double bus bar power distribution panels all of which are available in different specifications and dimensions.

These find application in diverse industries and can also be customized to meet the exact application requirement of the customers.

These distribution panels facilitate the main incomer of electric board and/or generator so all the outgoing feeders can be run either on Electric Board Supply or Generator Supply.

These panels are widely used in various industrial and building applications as well as Marine and Oil and Gas Sectors.

Main Power Circuits

We can design, supply and install your entire power distribution network cabling and switchgear.

From the main and sub distribution boards out to standard power outlets to dedicated circuits for specific plant or machinery.

Lighting Circuits

We can design, supply and install your entire lighting system to provide safe levels of lighting throughout your office or facility.

This can be from a single lamp holder through to aesthetic lighting.

We carry out lumen tests to ensure that the lighting installed provides safe levels of light at desk tops for working and in general areas to ensure that your personnel can safely move around.

Lighting can be timer or sensor controlled and of low energy type to reduce your utility bills.

External & Street Lighting

In addition to the internal lighting we can design, supply and install external building lighting, street lighting and perimeter lighting.

Through our civil works division we can carry out trenching and concrete works to get power cables where they need to go and therefore keeping all the works in house.

Lighting can be controlled to come on automatically at a specific time or via photocell sensors.

They can also be controlled via security sensors. These units can be fitted with Solar Cells to reduce energy bills.

Lightening Protection & Earthing Systems

Lightening Protection Systems are quite often overlooked when considering electrical installation works, but they can easily be installed in conjunction with the main site earth bonding system. If your building is the tallest or one of the tallest in the area, you have a higher chance of a lightning strike.

If a Lightning Protection System has not been installed serious damage to your main electrical installation and equipment can be the result.

Electrical bonding is the practice of intentionally electrically connecting all exposed metallic non-current carrying items in a room or building as protection from electric shock.

If a failure of electrical insulation occurs, all bonded metal objects in the room will have substantially the same electrical potential, so that an occupant of the room cannot touch two objects with significantly different potentials.

Even if the connection to a distant earth ground is lost, the occupant will be protected from dangerous potential differences.

We can also provide equipotential bonding.

This involves joining together metalwork that is or may be earthed so that it is at the same potential (i.e. voltage) everywhere.

Cable Management Systems

For all of your cabling we can provide structured cable management systems to get cables were there need to go in a safe and professional manner.

These systems also allow for cables to be replaced at a later date or additional cables added.

These systems also allow for different types of cable to be separated, such as data and telephone cables from main power cables, to prevent interference.

We can provide Dado Rail Systems to get cables around an office whilst maintaining aesthetics.

Emergency Lighting

We can design, supply and install stand alone Emergency Lighting Units, through to centralised systems.

Units come with escape directional signs and can also be supplied in keeping with the aesthetics of other light units you have in your building.

Marine Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

For all of the systems and services we provide, we are experienced in Marine applications.

We cover general mechanical and electrical marine engineering, and specialist systems.

We can provide systems in accordance with a number of standards, such as Lloyds Register, DNV, ABS and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

We are experienced in marine transit glanding.