Ashberon Engineering & Construction


Procurement & Resourcing Services

As part of our own engineering operations, we have developed a highly efficient procurement and resourcing function.

We have support offices in Plymouth and Aberdeen in the UK, Houston in the USA and Prague in the Czech Republic.

Our team is constantly searching for new, cost effective suppliers without compromising on quality.

We have adopted the strategy of finding actual manufacturers rather than middle men and this makes us cost effective and efficient.

From Paper Cups to Sub Sea Check Valves, our team can find, procure and deliver from a single item, to a whole basket of goods.

For long term contracts, we run open book contracts with our clients where we have an agreed percentage margin and attach our suppliers invoices as a back up. Our clients are assured they are getting the best possible price, without the headache of having to find these products themselves.

We wrap up the whole operation into one easy package, including all of the required shipping documentation, Product Data and Certification.

Technical Manpower Support & Supply

As part of our overall package of services, we can offer our clients the use of our engineering and support staff.

If a client wishes to run a project himself and simply requires the use of skilled technical and support staff, we are happy to fill this requirement from our own team.

Our staff come fully trained to meet the role you require and in the case of our mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, they are fully kitted out with high quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and basic tool kits. We have access to Expatriate Engineers as well as National Engineers.

If Expatriate Engineers are required, we can take care of all Travel Arrangements, Visas, Work Permits, Accomodation and in country transport and support, so that our clients don't have to worry about this and the engineer can concentrate on the work required by our clients.

Whilst it is sometimes necessary to use Expatriate Specialist Engineers to ensure the correct level of knowledge for the job, we pride ourselves on the skills we have developed for our National Engineers.

We have trained a number of them to very high levels of competance in their specialist areas and most of them are multilingual which is a major advantage, allowing them to converse with and between a number of nationalities, ensuring the smooth running of projects.

This also has the effect of saving a lot of additional project costs for specialist Expatriate Engineers - with the additional travel and accomodation costs.

Complete Integrated Maintenance Services with Building Maintenance

Again, as part of our policy to provide complete packages for our clients and in association with our sister company QBS (Caucasian Business Services), we can provide complete facilities maintenance packages for your offices, workshops, warehouses and staff apartments.

QBS act as an Estate agent and can find properties for you to buy or rent and can rent these facilities to you as part of a complete package.

Absheron Engineering takes care of all of the maintenance work but the cost of this is reduced by QBS working with the Landlord to take care of any repairs which fall under his/her responsibility.

Absheron Engineering carries out repairs and safety checks to Western European Standards and ensures that this level is maintained throughout your tenure.

This gives our clients a unique, trouble free, cost effective and complete solution for all of your accommodation needs.