Ashberon Engineering & Construction

Mechanical Systems

Gas Distribution Systems

Many clients have the requirement for using specialist gases in their workshops or warehouses.

Specialty gases place particular demands on gas distribution components due to individual purity, toxicity and corrosive properties.

The quality of your gas supply is no better than your gas distribution system.

We can design, supply and install pipe work and associated equipment to get the chosen gas to parts of your facility whilst allowing the main source to be installed safely outside the building.

The choice of materials for gas supply systems is determined by the gas to be distributed and the level of contamination that can be accepted in the gas.

Water Distribution & Treatment Systems

The requirement for water distribution systems can be from just for general plumbing usage for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens up to high pressure wash down systems.

We can design, supply and install complete solutions to provide and treat water and distribute it around your facility.

As part of this we can provide water recycling and filtration units.

Steam Distribution Systems

Steam is still widely used in a number of applications and is a wide subject with an equally wide range of solutions.

We can design, supply and install systems to meet your requirement, from the steam boiler, through a distribution system to the steam user.

An efficient steam distribution system is essential if steam of the correct quality and pressure is to be supplied to the steam equipment and our engineers have experience in a large range of applications and industries.

Pumping & Piping Systems

For whatever medium you require to be moved or distributed, we can design, supply and install pumps and pipe work distribution systems to achieve this.

From water to crude oil and even contaminated sludge, we have worked on a number of different applications, in a number of industries.

Hydraulic Systems

We are experienced in handling turnkey Hydraulic projects from centralized hydraulic power systems, hydrostatic drives, deck machinery, pneumatic and mechanical systems, filtration systems and integrated control systems.

This service is offered in conjuction with the other mechanical services that we offer.

Specialist Hose Services

Absheron Engineering is the representative of ContiTech Beattie Limited for Azerbaijan and Georgia.

ContiTech Beattie Limited manufactures an extensive range of industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies for applications within the oil & gas exploration and production industries.

The industrial hose range includes grout, utility, air, water, nitrogen, diesel, steam and chemical hoses.

In addition, we carry bulk transfer hoses for dry powders, mud, diesel, potable water, methanol, etc.

A recent development is the introduction of polyurethane covered hydraulic hoses; especially colour coded for use on subsea BOP stacks.

A complete range of thermoplastic hose is also held in stock conforming to SAE 100 R7 and R8 specifications; available in specific colour coding.

Fiscal Metering Systems

We have an alliance with FisCal Instrumentation Limited. FisCal Instrumentation Limited has the necessary contracts, experience, skills and knowledge to offer a complete range of associated metering services to compliment our measurement products portfolio.

Based at our modern facilities in Kintore, Aberdeenshire only 5 minutes from Aberdeen airport and 15 minutes from the harbour with more than 110 sq m of storage and workshop space we are ideally placed to offer our clients a complete service.

  • Metering spares management
  • Repair and Calibration services
  • Meter cleaning
  • Offshore surveys
  • Uncertainty calculations
  • Onshore and Offshore Technical support
  • Project Management
  • FAT witness provision
  • Meter Function and component testing
  • Meter refurbishment and re-certification
  • Flowhire
  • Hire of Katronic clamp on Ultrasonic meters
Marine Mechanical & Electrical Systems

For all of the systems and services we provide, we are experienced in Marine applications.

We cover general mechanical and electrical marine engineering and specialist systems.

We can provide systems in accordance with a number of standards, such as Lloyds Register, DNV, ABS and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

We are experienced in marine transit glanding.