Ashberon Engineering & Construction

Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems with Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Detection

Absheron Engineering can provide individual security systems or an overall integrated security system, designed to meet your needs.

CCTV Systems

This can be from a single camera, up to a multiplexed system with many hundreds of cameras.

Cameras can communicate back to a central point via a number of communications mediums, such as twisted pair, with Internet Protocol, Radio, Microwave, Fibre Optic and standard coaxial.

Recording can be via standard video cassette with a built in Time Lapse facility or via DVD.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in designing and installing these systems, and we believe that this gives us an advantage over many other companies offering these systems in that by implementing the correct, initial design, we can provide our clients with high quality systems that will remain in operations for many years.

Intruder Detection Systems

Again, as a stand alone system or as part of an overall integrated security system, we can provide these systems to ensure the security of your personnel and or assets.

These systems can incorporate Panic Button Systems; either as part of a fixed point system, or as part of a portable radio system to be carried by staff.

Physical Barriers

Absheron Engineering has spent time ensuring that we can provide our clients with complete packages.

As part of this, we include physical barrier protection to cover all aspects of your security requirements.

These are from security shutter doors, to traffic barriers, turnstile units, stand alone or as part of an Access Control System, half height or full height and Security Gates.

In addition to this, and in line with our policy of providing complete packages for our clients, we can also supply and install fully certificated Fire Doors - complete with all hardware.

Access Control Systems

From a stand alone single door system, to multi door systems and as part of an integrated security system, incorporating all aspects of security.

These can be controlled simply from a local controller or from a centralised computer system.

The Database of these centralised systems can be used to store personnel information and can be linked to payroll software.

Access Control Cards can carry your personnels picture and company logo.

As a part of these systems, we can provide entry control systems for single entry or for multiple entry premises with Video, Speech and remote lock release.

Metal Detectors

For more secure applications, we can provide walk through metal detectors or hand portable metal detectors.

Security Tagging Systems

For retail outlets, we can provide security tagging of goods to reduce theft:

By installing a magnetic detection loop at the exit points, any object that has not had its security tag correctly removed, will raise an alarm - thus alerting staff to the fact that an item is leaving the shop possibly not having been paid for.

Perimeter Detection Systems

We can provide a number of solutions to provide Perimeter Protection. This can be from Fibre Optic Vibration Sensing, Fence Mounted or Buried Systems, to Micowave or Thermal Imaging Systems.